Medical Technology

Most stringent quality requirements and technical standards

Our medical technology division of BAK Kohler Medical KG provides a broad spectrum of products, specialising in the production of instruments, optics, and the necessary accessories. Our products fulfil the most stringent quality requirements and technical standards and are distinguished by an impressively long service life.

Our company develops and produces:

By specialising in these areas and working intensively with selected high-quality suppliers, we are in the position to attain absolutely superior product quality which ensures the safety of patients and medical professionals.

We are happy to support you from the initial idea to the final production of your product or instruments. The comprehensive technology of our company is at your disposal.

The company’s focus to this day is on the development and manufacture of surgical instruments for endoscopy.

Despite the increasingly tough competition in the medtech sector and the consequences of Germany’s new healthcare reform on the market, we are superbly equipped to face the demands of the future