Metal processing

State-of-the-art CNC turning technology - to high-precision, precision-engineered handwork

Precision mechanics, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, vehicle construction ...

We process different materials ranging from special steels to various plastics to make instruments as well as service our customers in various sectors such as precision engineering, mechanical engineering, space technology, electrotechnology, vehicle construction, and so on.

Cutting-edge CNC turning technology with up to 8 axes and the optimal process monitoring required for this permit us to provide complete processing. Conventional as well as advanced CNC milling machines with 3 to 5 axes are available for milling work as well as CNC-controlled eroding machines.

Qualified specialists attend to the high-precision, fine mechanical craftsmanship. Glass bead blasting as well as simple grinding of the surfaces are indispensable in the production of our instruments. Our medical instruments are inscribed by state-of-the-art and precise laser technology.

We also inscribe special series and mass production products made of a wide range of materials in contract work.

The post-treatment or refinement of surfaces by